Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Real Kimono - The Gallery

Yesterday me & my family came in Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar to watch celeberation of the exhibition Generation of Culture and Tradition. There were opening lecture, fashion show, exhibition and reseption. Actually during 15 October - 15 November 2008.

Opening by Lecture in the theme " Generation Tradition and Continuitity in Kimono from Japan " that was presented to us to educate the community to the wonders of the Kimono : how is it made, what is the made of , and how is worn.

She explained That the Kimono was wear-thing coat like garment worn by both men and women, folded and gathered together at the waist ( in case of women ) or at he hips ( of the case of men ) by an Obi. Sash or belt women's obi are usually approximately 20 cm wide and 4 m long and often made of brocade. The sash is tied in an elaborate bow at the back, or in the case of courtesans at the front. Fabric the adult Kimono created from single run og fabric called Tan. That measure 30 cm wide and 9 m in length. The adult Kimono utiliizes the entire pice of cloth. The textiles vary from printed cloth for the casual day yukata to intricately tie dyed cotton and silk fabrics for a variety of formal occasion. She explained too about development of Kimono from year 1800's until now. The vary Kimono based were of utilization or level in community in Japan.

Finally We can watch fashion show in the real Kimono from Japan. Adults and children wear Kimono , interesting for us , because before we never see the real kimono except just in television.
I am sorry for the picture must wait my husband tranfer from his camera to computer....hmmm may as soon as possible !! And wait and read my journey to the next exhibition in Qatar " Life - be part Of It ! "

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