Monday, 17 November 2008

Respiratory disease

Nearly Winter at Doha Qatar, take attention with Respiratory disease. It's cases growing recently. Some my family and some neighbors infected by it this month. The expert said " the weather is changing and the prevailing weather which is marked by strong winds and dust carries the flu virus. The virus enter human body during inhalation and spreads through sneezing and coughing "(*). Below some notes that do and don'ts in connection with respiratory disease (*).

Dos :
* Drink plenty of water and other fluid to loosen mucus
* Stay in a constant temperature
* Wash your hands before meals
* Wear warm clothes
* Get adequate sleep

Don'ts :
*Avoid cold food
* Use disposable tissues to wipe mucus
* Avoid alcohol or caffeinated beverages and smoking
* Don't stay in closed room
* Avoid contact with healthy persons

(*) resource from Qatar Tribune Nation


Fakhrun Musriati said...

Makasih yach sangat informatif dan tips ngadepin musim dingin ini bakal budhe perhatikan.Sekali lagi makasih.Tos dulu ah..

tyas said...

bisa diterapkan juga di indonesia nih...
lagi pergantian musim gini penyakit dimana2 yah... harus lebih ati2..

thanx banget infonya....