Sunday, 23 December 2007


At the same time we has been waiting school for my daughter , in Qatar we tried to went somewhere while remember of the street. although sometime made me bore but I passed trough . One day we went to the game zone so that my kids were happy, exactly in city center. Many game could to played which one was climbed to the toys rock as small mountain . the tall is 10-15 m. I paid the card entering. And Surprised...! Azka , she is my daughter reached to the peak although with afraid of felt , that I was sure. I was rightfully proud to him. Caused she often felt be afraid if played some games. My first learn today was every child have big modality to grew up and always has been giving support them , encouragement..!

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renny said...

azka said" the best marks , i will give you marks 100. thanks mama